On the 20th March, the RApport team, along with members of the ELIQUENT leadership team, gathered at the beautiful Institute of London for our Spring Company Update Meeting. The day was filled with insightful discussions, team-building activities, and valuable reflections on our past achievements and future endeavours, especially in light of our acquisition by ELIQUENT Life Sciences. Video at the end.

The event kicked off with an exciting team-building challenge; constructing the tallest spaghetti marshmallow tower. This activity definitely brought out everyone’s competitive side!

It was fantastic to hear from members of the leadership team who provided valuable insights into our collective journey over the past year. Their guidance and vision have been instrumental in shaping our successes and navigating the transition period post-acquisition.

It was a pleasure to be joined by members of the ELIQUENT leadership team who shared insightful updates on the immense potential of our acquisition. Their strategic perspective and enthusiasm reaffirmed our confidence in the transformative opportunities ahead.

Among the highlights was the enlightening workshop led by Mark from Glass Box Thinking. Through interactive exercises, we gained a deeper understanding of our individual leadership styles and how they contribute to the dynamics of our team. This session fostered a newfound appreciation for our differences and emphasised the importance of leveraging them to enhance collaboration and productivity.

As we move forward, energised by the possibilities presented by our acquisition by ELIQUENT, we are committed to embracing diversity and harnessing our collective strengths to drive innovation and growth.


~Hannah Withnell