March 18th, I headed to the West Midlands to pick up my parents and bring them to London this was to ensure that during any potential ‘lockdown’ they were close. Towards the last week of March, we all became ill and, yes, it was Covid-19. Everyone was now self-isolating, it took me three weeks to just about get back to reading emails and beginning to work again.

The last three months, whilst having started badly, have changed my life in a way I never thought could happen.

Over the last 90 days I have:

1.Built a special bond with my children like never before: working from home has removed the normally long working day in solitude to a more manageable and interesting day with the children.  We now talk, eat, work and play together during the day and that’s unusual during term time.

2.Taken advantage of managing my health issues by being able to exercise more regularly, and with the children, which was just not possible previously.

3.Introduced myself to the cul-de-sac and now remember everyone’s name beyond just my immediate neighbours.

4.Spent hours reading books in the garden and building some of those crazy craft ideas you watch on YouTube, out of pallets, old dustbins and clutter in the garden. We truly brought a new meaning to “DIY” (destroy it yourself)!

5.Reached out to over 30 classmates from universities I have attended and over 100 other contacts whom I have not spoken to for decades.

6.Attended and hosted several webinars, podcasts and Q&A sessions with students and the community

7.Had more video calls where the camera was on than ever before!

Covid-19 has offered me an opportunity to create lasting memories which I will cherish for the rest of my life.

~ Ifty Saiyed